How Important Is It To Develop A Good Website?

At the present where internet rules in most industries, businesses without website have high risk of being left behind by their competitors. This is why majority of the businesses today own a website to showcase their products and services not only locally but globally. However, it is not enough to simply have a business site; it should feature an incredible website design that can capture the attention of the people. In short, it should be good enough.

Proffesional website design is important for your business

Business owners should consider their website as a persistent communication channel with existing customers and prospects. One of the best things regarding owning a site is that an enormous volume of people can access it from almost anywhere as long as they have an Internet connection. Thus, it is critically significant to build a competent website.

Role Of A Website

In today’s times, lots of people stay online for longer hours in a day, thus a standard looking website will never be enough. Majority of customers make decisions whether to buy or not based on the usability and accessibility of the website and the overall online experience. Understanding better the role of the website can substantially benefit the business. A website should be regarded as an extension of the company’s sales staff, which must be presentable and loaded with information about your product or service, to attract prospects.

Importance Of A Good Website

It Reflects You As A Business Owner

If your business website looks lousy and less interesting, your potential clients will perceive you similar to those qualities. Meanwhile, if your site is professionally made and truly appealing, prospects will think your business has enough clients and considerable income to have a site developed for you. Your website is a reflection of who you are as an owner and your business.

With this notion, several businesses hire top-notch company offering web design in Singapore, not just to build website but to get it seen online and acquire traffic. A well developed site is seen to generate more quality leads compared to poorly-made ones.

Choose proper web design services in Singapore

It Helps In Search Engine Optimisation

There are approximately 650 million sites today and another 51 millions are added every year, thus you can expect tough competition for your product or service online. How can your business stand out from the rest of the competitors? It highly depends on how your site was built. A good website doesn’t only refer to having aesthetic design rather it should be properly optimised to stand out on major search engines. Landing on the first page of Google result is beneficial to your online conversions.

Search engine optimization (SEO) should be kept in mind when building a website considering that it can help the site achieve remarkable ranking on search engines. Several SEO services can be executed on the website, both one-time and long term; however, much of the SEO work is often carried out during the site development.

Singapore web design company with SEO service is better

The worst thing a business owner can do is invest in a mobile friendly website, but doesn’t have proper design elements that make it stand out visually and effectively on search engines. Hence, it is crucial to work with a web design company that can provide reliable result. When you own a well-built website, you can expect it to bring tons of benefits to the business in the long run.

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Windows Skills: 16 Hidden Windows XP Goodies

Here are the few of the good windows featuring skills:

1. Installer music: Start –> Run –> “C:\Windows\system32\oobe\images\title.wma” –> OK
2. Hibernate: Start –> Turn Off Computer… –> press Shift key to change the “Stand By” button to “Hibernate”
3. Hidden Devices: Control Panel –> System –> Hardware –> Device Manager –> select “View” and Show hidden devices
4. Character Map: Start –> Run –> “charmap.exe” –> OK
5. Clipboard Viewer: Start –> Run –> “clipbrd.exe” –> OK
6. Dr Watson: Start –> Run –> “drwtsn32.exe” –> OK
7. IExpress Wizard: Start –> Run –> “iexpress.exe” –> OK
8. Old Windows Media Player 5.1: Start –> Run –> “mplay32.exe” –> OK
9. ODBC Data Source Administrator: Start –> Run –> “odbcad32.exe” –> OK
10. Object Packager: Start –> Run –> “packager.exe” –> OK
11. System Monitor: Start –> Run –> “perfmon.exe” –> OK
12. Network shared folder wizard: Start –> Run –> “shrpubw.exe” –> OK
13. File siganture verification tool: Start –> Run –> “sigverif.exe” –> OK
14. System Configuration Editor: Start –> Run –> “sysedit.exe” –> OK
15. Driver Verifier Manager: Start –> Run –> “verifier.exe” –> OK
16. Windows for Workgroups Chat: Start –> Run –> “winchat.exe” –> OK

An alternative solution when you feel lagging in Google Ranking

As we all know, its always important for any website at any part of the world to being in TOP 10 in Search engine ranking pages (SERP). Now its very open , That Google being the most dominating search engine till now, so everyone wants to be rank among top 10 in google. but its always not easy due to high volume of  competition on particular word/keywords and one have to work very hard to be among Top. now the Question is that what should do now, if your site is not being ranked in top 10 in google despite a lot of your efforts and money that you have already invested in SEO of the site ? Should you have to stop trying more………….

Definitely not…You should continue with your optimization work, however you can switch your views and strategy little bit here. let see… Having a hard time ranking in Google? Why not try optimizing for Yahoo? After all, Yahoo commands over 22% of the search market – and 22% of billions of users is quite a lot!

Because Yahoo’s algorithms are a few years behind Google’s, it is often easier to get a decent page ranking in Yahoo. And fortunately, many of the factors that give weight to your Yahoo ranking are not even considered by Google, so you won’t have to worry about Google penalizing you for keyword stuffing.

Follow these simple tips and your pages will soon be well optimized for a great Yahoo ranking:

1. Your title tag should contain your keyword phrase and should be 5-7 words long. You should also limit your title tag to no more than 70 characters.

2. Your description tag should contain your keyword phrase at the very beginning and contain a 13-20 word complete sentence clearly describing your site. Your description tag should be no more than 180 characters and should blend your keywords with your marketing message.

3. Your keywords tag should have your main keyword phrase at the very beginning, be no more than 250 characters long. You should also have no more than three repetitions of a single keyword.

4. Your url (filename) should contain your keyword phrase as closely as possible.

5. Your heading 1 tag should contain your keyword phrase as close to the beginning as possible. Only one heading 1 should be used per page. Heading 2 tags should also contain your keyword phrase as close to the beginning of the headline as possible.

6. All images should include alt tags and, if at all possible, the alt text should contain your keyword or keyword phrase. (But be careful not to sacrifice accessibility in favor of keyword stuffing.) All images should be optimized to decrease page load time and encourage spider crawling.

7. Your inline links should include your keyword phrases as part of your linked text and should refer to pages that are also optimized for the same keyword. When linking to pages within your own web site, use the full url web address instead of relative web links.

8. You should build up multiple (as many as possible) one way links from relevant pages optimized for the same keyword. When ever possible, encourage your linking partners to use your keyword phrases as their link text.

9. Be sure to publish an XML sitemap and a Robots.txt file. Keep your sitemap updated on a regular basis, especially as new pages or new posts are added.


Web Designing Tips

More and more people are getting fond of web design. Whether for work related purposes or for personal-use purposes. Some people get short courses to study web designing and some rely on e-learning and get web designing tutorials on-line. For people who work as a web designer, they know the do’s and don’ts of web designing, for most of them at least. For those who don’t, especially those who are new in the field, here are some basic tips that would help in enhancing your web designing skills.

Keep your index page short
For the convenience of your visitor, don’t place all your content on the index page. Remember that you can use several pages on making a web site. Having a single-page site with all the contents there will make a visitor dizzy and confused.

Create a toolbar or menus easy navigation
This will make your visitors stay in your site longer. After reading the content of your page, it is more likely that your visitor will look for other pages on your site that would interest him. Using short, clear and precise words will also help the visitor know the content of the page where your link is going. I suggest placing the navigation menu on top and the other main links on the right hand side menu. You can also use drop-down menus if you have many links. Continue reading “Web Designing Tips”