Boost up your System Performance; Use these Web tools and Work efficiently

Ever thought about pounding your computer with a hammer hoping it starts moving slightly faster than the current snail’s pace? Well we’d say don’t rush for the hammer just yet; try this collection of smart utility software instead. Here are tools that provide all the help you need to control, tweak and manipulate the looks and functionality of Windows.

Speed up your system performance.

Here is a utility from Microsoft which is termed as the ultimate user interface (UI) tweaker for XP. This utility will let you twist and manipulate, and sometime even override, the way your Windows interface should look. An indispensable tool that offers multiple UI tweaks under a single interface.

DoubleKiller: URL:
A cluttered hard disk can really slow down your PC, and what adds to the clutter the most is duplicate files that hog space for no reason. This utility, as the name implies, brings you help on this front. It locates duplicate files on your computer and kills one, leaving you with just a single file.

FreeCommander: URL:
This is an easy-to-use alternative to the standard Windows file manager. Here you can find all the necessary functions to manage your data stock. The best part is that you can put this utility on a USB key—even a floppy disk if you can find one—and take it with you to control files on any PC.

Taskbar Shuffle 2.2:
So you think the Windows taskbar controls you? Here is one utility that will let you turn the tables. It lets you move the buttons for open applications anywhere you want on the taskbar, or group open documents together. And yes, it works with Windows versions all the way back to Windows 95.

Pitaschio: URL:
This is another utility that could come in handy to mould Windows to match your style of working. This background utility minimizes windows to the tray, snaps them together as you drag, and disables specific keys (such as the numlock key) if you like. It also provides stats on how much you use your keyboard.

Defraggler: URL:
Fragmentation of the disk is another big culprit that can slow down your computer. This utility is a handy one that will help you clean up the mess. It not only defragments your hard disk but also claims to defragment individual files. If you’re not sure what needs defragging, it also provides a list of files that need it. And yes, this one is tiny enough to go on a USB drive too.

WinDirStat: URL:
If your hard disk seems bloated and you have no idea what exactly is taking up all that much space, here is something you should look at. Short for Windows Directory Statistics, this programme presents your hard drive’s directory in multiple views, some resembling Windows Explorer—files represented by 3D boxes in full colour. One look and you’d soon know what’s taking up space.

WinPatrol 2007: URL:
You might not even notice but there are umpteen number of useless programs that come pre-installed with your Windows, which end up eating plenty of CPU cycles. Put Scotty, the WinPatrol mascot, to work keeping an eye on your system. Scotty will come up with warnings about new programs that plan to run at start-up and detection of other system changes, trusted or not. It will also delay the start of programs to improve boot-up speed in any version.

Absolute Uninstaller: URL:
You might have uninstalled a particular program, but unfortunately it still leaves a lot of junk in its wake. One way to be sure that a program is all gone is the absolute uninstaller. This replaces the default Add/Remove Programs control panel in Windows, checks for extra stuff to delete after an uninstall (such as Start menu entries and useless Registry keys), and, best of all, does batch removal of multiple programmes at one time.

Eraser: URL:
With more and more sophisticated recovery tools, it can be disastrous to get rid of an old computer without making sure the hard drive is wiped clean. This doesn’t mean just reformatting it, but actually annihilating all data by overwriting disk sectors multiple times. Open-source Eraser that fits a USB drive is a great candidate for the job.

Google Desktop 5: URL:
Finally if you think searching files on your computer takes an eternity, Google desktop can come to the rescue. This software does more than just search. Google Desktop indexes all of your data files—including email and instant messages—so you can find it fast. The interface includes multiple search-box configurations and an advanced search option. You can search and find your own files along with your internet search results.

Source: TOI

Some Interesting Facts about Internet

Here are some Interesting facts about the Internet.

Internet is Key Information Source described by Users: In a recent UCL Survey, two thirds of respondents user of Internet described the internet as “Important” or “extremely important” source of information. Just 52% ranked TV and 47% considered radio at the same level. The study also found that Users called the Internet highly credible.

The Average Entertainment Internet User Spends $323.00:The average entertainment user (someone who frequents entertainment related sites) spend $323.00 a year online. Source: Cyber Dialogue.

80 Percent of all websites are in English:According to Jupiter Communications, a leading provider of research on Internet trends, 80 percent of all websites on the Internet today are in English. The research firm estimates that 55 percent of all websites will be published in languages other than English by 2003.

1 in every 28 page views on the Web is a search results page (3.5% of all page views) – June 1, 1999, Alexa Insider

Internet users ranked search as their most important activity, awarding it a 9.1 on a 10-point scale. The next most important activity ranked only 6.3.

The average work user spends 73 minutes per month at search engines, second only to 97 minutes at news, info and entertainment sites (Home users – NIE: 71 mins, adult sites: 65 mins, search engines: 54 mins) – February 1999, Media Metrix

People visit sites linked to a keyboard button 10 times more often than those they’ve bookmarked.

Almost 50% of online users turn to search sites for their online news needs.

Top Online Activities * 92% browse the Web *88% send/receive email *87% collect information about hobby or personal interest *81% collect product or service information *74% read the news *65% get business or work information *63% collect travel information *60% download images or photos *58% look up entertainment events *56% check the weather *xx% doing online investing

Number of years each took to reach 50 million users *Radio – 38 years *TV – 13 years *Cable – 10 years *Internet – 5 years *(Source – Morgan Stanley)

The average person each month usually visits 59 domains, views 1,050 pages averaging 45 seconds for each page and spend about 25 hours a month doing this! Each surfing session lasts approximately 51 minutes.

Over 82 percent of college graduates will search for careers and employment information online.

96% of users find web pages through friends, other pages and search engines – websites through magazines 64.3% (GVU).

85% of Fortune 500 companies now list their Internet Address in their advertising.

2007 Internet Statistic – Approximately 97.2 million women use the Internet in the United States, compared to 90.9 million men, according to research by eMarketer.

Benefits of Having a Content Management System (CMS) based Website

As the internet is maturing the existence and Web applications are emerging, web development is becoming essential for proper growth of business on internet. Web development make your work easy to be done on the internet and gives some lots and lots of advantages with high increase in revenue as with web development you can hit the international market as your target market.

A website is important if you are looking for an online presence. But once your website is up, it s crucial that you manage the content in an organized way. You will need to make many changes on your site. This is where E-Commerce Websites packages, OS commerce, Content Management System, CMS in short, come into play. Content Management System (CMS): This system is the core of web development and used to manage contents of a web site, providing the facilities for the creation, modification, archiving and removal of information resources from an organized repository usually saved in a database.

This tool allows you to maintain your site. CMS is a web application designed to manage the content on the website. Most companies, who put their contents on their sites, use it.

CMS is extremely crucial to the success of any website. It helps creation, storage, management and publishing of all information in an organized way. In short, it streamlines all the data in a consistent and accessible way.

Here are some reasons why your website needs a CMS:

1. Content updation on desire : Your website needs to be updated, as nobody wants to read stale content. With CMS you can update your web content in no time. It allows you to create, edit, organize, manage, and publish contents (be it graphics, image, documents, etc.) very easily.

2. Technical Knowledge not Necessary : CMS is for you. No HTML or programming skills required, which means you don t need to be technically sound to update the content. All technical details are handled by CMS. It allows you, your colleagues, and non-technical staff, content authors to update the contents.

3. No Time restriction : Don t let your site go without updates due to time constraint. CMS will allow you to carry out changes when they re needed. This is important if your business relies highly on the website. CMS usually simplifies the process required to post content.

4. Reduce Website Maintenance Cost : As mentioned before, you don t need to be tech-savvy to update contents. This not only reduces the site maintenance costs, but also lessens the need of website administration staff. The IT team can use their time more productively.

5. Archive Your Web Content : Archiving content is much easier, since a CMS uses a database to store, manage, and retrieve content. New contents get updated and older ones get stored. You can always revert back when the need arises.

6. Build Site Navigation : Content Management System navigation is usually dynamically driven, which means that future updates can be made without losing all the contents. Menus are generated automatically based on the database content.

7. Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) : If you want to drive the website s traffic based on keywords and phrases, then CMS can prove to be a good option. Many CMSs have built-in options that include keywords, meta tags, hyperlinks, descriptions, etc. These can be automatically generated from the site s content, resulting in improved SEO.

Lightning speed super fast Internet: “Grid” on its Way in near future

Internet speed is always a topic to be discussed amongst web surfers. The European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN) is working on a new super fast Internet infrastructure called Grid. CERN, the particle physics center based in Geneva that created the web, has built “the grid,” a replacement for the Internet is expected to be 10,000 times faster than the regular broadband speed.

“We are extremely excited about our experiment. It is the biggest experiment in the world and we hope we are going to understand all sorts of things like the origin of mass and what the dark matter in the universe is,” said theoretical physicist Professor Malcolm Fairbairn at CERN.

Ian Bird, project leader for CERN’s high-speed computing project, said grid technology could “make the internet so fast that people would stop using desktop computers to store information and entrust it all to the internet. Also, by transmitting data at lightning speed, the “frozen screen” can be eliminated, since its cause is trying to handle too much information.

CERN has built Large Hadron Collider (LHC), which is the most powerful particle accelerator ever constructed. It took almost 15 years and $8 billion to construct for CERN. The LHC is located in a 27-km circular tunnel 100 meters below ground level outside Geneva on the Franco-Swiss border. It has already been used to help design new drugs against malaria by analyzing 140m compounds, an undertaking that would have taken 420 years on a standard internet-linked PC.

The project will recreate what happens in nature all the time by sending protons crashing into each other. The main difference is that this time there are powerful detectors set up to monitor what exactly happens.

The whole idea of a super fast internet may soon come true, so that downloading and communication is made easier.

Source: Times Online