Microsoft ahead of Google & Yahoo in Total Time Spent Online

Despite all the benefits reaped by other companies, this will surely come as a surprise to some. Industry tracker comScore, Inc., last week released a study showing that, in terms of time spent on sites, the Redmond-based Microsoft sites ranked as the most engaging global property in September, followed by Google, Yahoo, and Facebook.

According to the study, Microsoft websites seized nearly 15 percent of time spent online worldwide in September, and almost 70 percent of the time spent on its sites was through Windows Live Messenger.

In September, Internet users spent on the Microsoft website in total 3.9 billion hours, or 14.5% of the time surfing. Such are the calculations of market analysts comScore. In second place were the statistics page of Google against Yahoo! and Facebook. According to comScore, Internet users spent 1.4 billion hours a community party, which gives about 193% higher than in September 2008.

Own research as a basis for the results of the comScore panel studies 2 million users in 170 countries, which shall then be converted into 1.2 billion Internet users aged 15 years or more who use it at home or at work. According to analysts in September, Internet users were on the net total of 27 billion hours. Of the time spent on Microsoft’s website, almost 70% to the Windows Live Messenger. Google Pages users have viewed some 2.5 billion hours, or 9.3% of total time, slightly less than half that time falls on video website YouTube.

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