Happy Birthday:Computer mouse celebrates 40th birthday

He is not called Mickey. But he is as naughty a mouse as the ever young cartoon character, which conquered the silver screen and the animation industry some eighty years back.He is the mouse who made Mickey and Minnie crawl into your drawing room and the computer screen in many shape and drape and next week the computer mouse, which animated many a cartoon character and redefined the way we used the computer graphics, is turning forty; to be precise, on December 9.

The computer mouse is to celebrate its 40th birthday next week. Invented by Doug Engelbart and his team at the Stanford Research Institute in California, the input device method first debuted in 1968. The first-ever mouse was made from a wooden block with wheels mounted on its base, and featured a red button on top of its case, and a cable at its back, which probably made one of the researchers to nickname it as “mouse”.

Mouse for everyone
Mouse for everyone

The mouse was developed by Xerox during the 1970s, and the first commercial product was released in 1981 with the launch of the Xerox Star computer system. But it wasn’t until Apple acquired the license for the mouse for $40,000 from the Standford Institute that the technology really took off. The Apple Macintosh, launched in 1984, used the mouse to good effect, and is the machine widely credited with kick-starting the home computer revolution. The mouse became the default input method on most computers for the next two decades.

Since then a mouse has been the default input method for computers but now it faces stiff with the development of gesture control and touch-screen interfaces as used in the Apple iPhone and the Nintendo Wii.


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