Some Interesting Facts about Internet

Here are some Interesting facts about the Internet.

Internet is Key Information Source described by Users: In a recent UCL Survey, two thirds of respondents user of Internet described the internet as “Important” or “extremely important” source of information. Just 52% ranked TV and 47% considered radio at the same level. The study also found that Users called the Internet highly credible.

The Average Entertainment Internet User Spends $323.00:The average entertainment user (someone who frequents entertainment related sites) spend $323.00 a year online. Source: Cyber Dialogue.

80 Percent of all websites are in English:According to Jupiter Communications, a leading provider of research on Internet trends, 80 percent of all websites on the Internet today are in English. The research firm estimates that 55 percent of all websites will be published in languages other than English by 2003.

1 in every 28 page views on the Web is a search results page (3.5% of all page views) – June 1, 1999, Alexa Insider

Internet users ranked search as their most important activity, awarding it a 9.1 on a 10-point scale. The next most important activity ranked only 6.3.

The average work user spends 73 minutes per month at search engines, second only to 97 minutes at news, info and entertainment sites (Home users – NIE: 71 mins, adult sites: 65 mins, search engines: 54 mins) – February 1999, Media Metrix

People visit sites linked to a keyboard button 10 times more often than those they’ve bookmarked.

Almost 50% of online users turn to search sites for their online news needs.

Top Online Activities * 92% browse the Web *88% send/receive email *87% collect information about hobby or personal interest *81% collect product or service information *74% read the news *65% get business or work information *63% collect travel information *60% download images or photos *58% look up entertainment events *56% check the weather *xx% doing online investing

Number of years each took to reach 50 million users *Radio – 38 years *TV – 13 years *Cable – 10 years *Internet – 5 years *(Source – Morgan Stanley)

The average person each month usually visits 59 domains, views 1,050 pages averaging 45 seconds for each page and spend about 25 hours a month doing this! Each surfing session lasts approximately 51 minutes.

Over 82 percent of college graduates will search for careers and employment information online.

96% of users find web pages through friends, other pages and search engines – websites through magazines 64.3% (GVU).

85% of Fortune 500 companies now list their Internet Address in their advertising.

2007 Internet Statistic – Approximately 97.2 million women use the Internet in the United States, compared to 90.9 million men, according to research by eMarketer.


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