UN WFP Internet Game: Creditable to feed poor across the world

New York: United Nation World Food Programme (WFP) has launched an internet game nearly six months ago has proved so popular that it has generated enough rice to feed 1.1 million people for a day across the world.

The game based on interactive vocabulary awards every player 20 grains of rice for each correct answer and hence the money raised through advertising is used to support rice donations.Thus it allows children concurrently to strengthen their vocabularies and help feed world’s hungry children.

Near around half of million people playing it daily, it has generated 21 billion grains of rice for WFP.The first recipients of the website’s aid were refugees from Myanmar taking shelter in Bangladesh. Ugandan school children and pregnant and nursing mothers in Cambodia were among other beneficiaries.

Next batch of rice will be distributed among Bhutanese refugees in Nepal.

“I never imagined that things would move this fast or that it would be such a success,” said the game’s creator John Breen, an online fundraising initiator from the United States.
“Quite apart from the actual amount of rice generated, Free Rice is a fantastic way of spreading the message about world hunger.”

A new audio function lets players hear how words are pronounced, and Breen said a team of lexographers is working to expand the database of 10,000 words. To scale up the game’s appeal to younger and non-native English speakers, visitors can now select the level of difficulty.

UN World Food Game


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